Camper / RV Insurance Guide

Factors to think about when choosing a RV insurance provider:RV Insurance

  • Camper Type and model
  • Your other insured vehicles
  • Your driving history
  • Trailers don’t necessarily have to have insurance in some states, but it’s highly recommended you get coverage regardless of your state’s policy.
  • What level of coverage you want. Some options include:
    • Suspended coverage option: This is a great option if you are not a full time traveler. It will allow you to suspend your coverage while you are not using your RV, saving you a lot of money in the off season.
    • Replacement cost of personal belongings: Like homeowners insurance it will cover all your belongings inside the camper.
    • Emergency coverage: If your RV breaks down, this plan will cover all you living expenses while your RV is in the shop.
    • Full-time traveler or short-term traveler liability coverage: Will cover anyone who is injured in or next to your RV.

Our recommended RV insurance providers based on our research and experiences: