Accurate Ratings of Camper and RV Manufacturers

There are numerous sites for manufacturer ratings of small campers and RVs.  Here are the top 4 sites where you see not only user reviews, but floor plans and specifications comparisons. 

RV ManufacturersVS.RV Manufacturers



  1. Roaming Times: This site probably has the most complete list of makes and models. Great honest user review site. Has detailed specs and floor plans as well as video reviews.
  2. RV section of Epinions: Nice search-able data base with comprehensive owner ratings. Ratings are through and genuine.
  3. RV Guide: Let’s you compare different Models against each other. Also, it practically gives more in depth specs of the campers than the actual manufacturers do.
  4. This is not a rating site, but one of the most helpful forums on the topic there is. You can ask anything here and get fast answers from experienced full timers.