Motorcycle Campers 101

Though I’ve never used a motorcycle camper, I’ve seen many in my travels and I have to say they look pretty damn cool. Motorcycle Campers

For those of you who are not familiar with motorcycle campers, they’re essentially smaller popup campers that are light enough to be hauled by motorcycles.

I’ve also seen a few teardrop motorcycle campers as well.

go little guy

go little guy

Full-timing in a motorcycle camper is not common; these are more designed for smaller trips. Even though the motorcycle camper trailers are light, they still require a bike that has quite a bit of power. Most motorcycle pop up campers triple in size when set up and they still sleep a maximum of two people (and maybe a dog). Prices can range from $800 to about $5500.
There are many manufacturers, but from my research the top Motorcycle pop up camper makers are:
Time Out Trailers
Easy Rider
Lees-ure Lite Trailer