Top 8 Books for the Small Camper / RV Lifestyle

 In no particular order, here are 8 books that focus on the small camper / RV lifestyle we really enjoyed and think will be very helpful to you:BOOK

Repair/Maintenance Category: RV Repair and Maintenance Manual (RV Repair & Maintenance Manual) by Bob Livingston. This is just a great resource to have with you on the road. It has step by step instructions with lots of pictures for trouble shooting any random mechanical issue you may encounter.

Frugal Camping Category10-Minute Tech, Volume 2: Over 600 Time and Money Saving Ideas from Fellow RVersThe title says it all. This is the camper’s hacking guide. Its full of truly great tips on frugal camping. A lot of the advice in this book I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Cooking CategoryThe Original VW Camper Cookbook: 80 Tasty Recipes Specially Composed for Cooking in a Camper by Lennart Hannu, Steve Rooker and Susanne Rooker It’s full of fantastic easy to use recipes, but this book is more than just an outdoor friendly cookbook, it’s total eye candy. It has tons of great photos of food and vintage campers.

Camper Living CategoryHow to Live in a Car, Van or RV–And Get Out of Debt, Travel and Find True Freedom by Robert Wells. The author has lived in his small camper for 10+ years and know his stuff. This book focuses primarily on the economics of living on the road and how to get the most bang for your buck.

Renting Campers CategoryRV Rentals: A Vacationer’s Guide by Kay Corby. This is a great book for people just starting out who are interested in getting a camper. You should always rent before you buy to make sure it’s a good fit for you and your family.

Beginner Category: Live Your Road Trip Dream: Travel for a Year for the Cost of Staying Home by Phil White and Carol White. This is probably the most thorough book I’ve seen on the process of planning and preparing for hitting the road. It’s also extemely well written.

Beginner Category: So, you want to be an RVer? by Kathy Huggins and John Huggins. Also owners of the “Living the RV Dream” podcast, Kathy and John are very knowledgable full-timers. This book covers all the basics of fulfilling the RV dream.