Why You Need a Proportional Brake Controller for Your RV

RV brake control

RV brake control

The best thing about going camping in an RV, apart from taking on the open road, is packing up the family and saying goodbye to the confines and routine of your everyday life. The experience can pull the family closer together and for me it always make me appreciate the finer things, like gorgeous sunsets and fresh air. These are all benefits you don’t get much of in the city.

One of my biggest worries when I hit the open road is the safety of my family traveling with me. There are many things we can’t control but I try my best to take care of the things that are in my control and at the top of that list is my driving. When I’m driving an RV trailer the stakes are higher. A heavier vehicle requires greater control and focus. For the past two years I’ve been using the Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Controller and it makes me breathe easier on these family road trips.

I have to say one of the greatest things about this proportional brake controller is how easy it was to set up. It came with a bracket for mounting and the entire thing was a breeze. I set up my brake controller within thirty minutes.

I haven’t tried many brands of proportional brake controllers but to be honest, given the experience I’ve had with this one I have no interest in trying another. Before I started using a proportional brake control I had heard countless reports about just how amazing they are but it wasn’t until about a year after using one that a near accident left me with a full appreciation for it. In one particular instance heading home from a camping trip with the family an impatient (I called them more than impatient at the time) driver swerved in front of us leaving me with very little time to react. Luckily for me, the brake controller did exactly what its manufacturer claims it does and I was able to stop our RV abruptly by slamming on the brake.

And that is the beauty of the proportional brake controller. It is able to adapt and respond to various braking situations differently. These controllers use digital sensors and the reason for the superiority of digital sensors is that they are definitely quicker to respond and are generally more accurate. With traditional brake controllers (before digital became available) the controller would sometimes send a weaker signal than what was needed by the driver, or worse, none at all. This could sometimes prove catastrophic, especially when navigating a downhill slope where a sudden stop was required.

I know firsthand what that scenario feels like and I am grateful for the peace of mind I get from using a proportional brake controller with a digital sensor, specifically the Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Controller. The peace of mind and an enjoyable driving experience at an affordable price are just a perfect combination. Better safe than sorry, always.