RV Roof Repair

The #1 repair issue camper and RV owners face is a leaky roof. With the sun, rain, tress, rocks debris, etc. your camper roof takes an endless beating.

If your roof is leaking don’t worry, it’s a quick and easy to fix, but you should fix it as soon RV Roof Repairas possible, because the damage could get worse and potentially turn to mold the longer you wait.

Camper RV Roof Repair Instructions: Did you buy your camper new? You may have warranty coverage on you roof!

Tools Needed: Cleaner, Scotch Brite Pad, Utility Knife or Scissors and a roll of EternaBond
In general I would avoid any caulking or tar products. The seals don’t last as long and they’re really hard to remove once applied.

Step #1: Identify the source of the leak on the roof. The damage is most likely above where the water is leaking into the camper. Look for any roof penetrations. A tree branch penetrating the roof is a common source. If there are no penetrations, the water is likely getting through a seam. If you’re still not sure where the water is leaking into the camper, have someone stand inside the camper watching the ceiling for water entry, while you take a garden hose to the roof. Try and get the water to pool above the suspected leak spot and watch for air bubbles. Rubbing soap on the spot will help make air bubbles more visible.

Step #2: Remove any debris and clean the area that needs repair thoroughly with a cleaner and scotch brite pad, rinse off and let it dry.

Step #3: Roll out a length of EternaBond (a few more inches on either side of the damaged area). Put the EternaBond in place over the damaged area and peel back the plastic underneath, while pressing down and rubbing the top of the EnernaBond to activate the adhesive. If the damaged area wider than the width of the EnernaBond, you can use an additional piece. It is made to stick to its self if needed. Let sit for 30 min. You’re Done!

How to prevent future RV roof leaks: 
- Stay off your roof. Hanging out on the roof of your RV is fun, but it rapidly deteriorates the life span of your roof. 
 - Clean your roof once or twice a year. Chalk, grime and salt will eventually build up and deteriorate your roof if you don’t give it a good annual cleaning. There are all sorts of roof cleaning products, but a little bleach or all purpose cleaner mixed with water will work fine.
- Re-coat the RV roof every couple years. There are a bunch of products out there for this. Many will say to re-coat every year, but it’s really not necessary, every couple years is fine. A good affordable option is Camco Roof Care System.