Camper Trailers

If you’re looking to explore Australia via road, RVs are a must use. At Bestsmallcampers, we offer the best RVs for hire at an affordable rate. One of the RVs available for hire at Bestsmallcampers is the Camper Trailer.

A camper trailer is a trailer that has a pull-out tent, usually very sturdy. When not in use, it can be folded easily into a small size and the attached to the trailer. Camper trailers are also light and as such easily towable, even with a small car.

Also, they are the alternative to tent trailers as they are easier to assemble while providing a more comfortable experience. Our best offers include

SylvanSport Vast Camper Trailer

The SylvanSport Vast is a great camper trailer measuring 7.9 feet in width and 21.5 feet in length that offer great options. It comes with enough space to accommodate as many as four people’s camping needs.

Also, it has vast features such as the beautiful European windows. This is in addition to its jaw-breaking interior design. It also comes with an outdoor cooking area which unfolds from the shower area. It can, however, capable of use from within the camper trailer.

It comes with an L-curved sofa area that is pretty comfortable and convenient. This is in addition to its queen-sized bed and top-notch toilet area.


This camper trailer is designed by Happier Camper and represent a modern design with amazing functionalities. It has a wide door, large back hatch, and a classic fender architecture. It also comes in a variety of colours such as Bishop red, Pacific blue, Mojave sage, and Topanga turquoise.

This trailer comes with a water-resistant structure. It is also very light so you can avoid tow complications. Pegged at 1. 100 lbs it also enables fuel conservation. It has a large window that allows excellent sightings.

It then comes with other cool storage cabinets. It can accommodate as much as four persons, and it is effortless to set up.

Carapate Adventure

The Carapate Adventure is another trailer that gives you a wow experience, almost lie you are in a yacht. It has a beautiful and elegant interior that soothes the eyes.

It can also accommodate as much as two adults and few children as it as many single-sized cushions. This cushion is usually a 55 by 25 inches cushion that can be stacked to form an L-curved sofa for the day.

It has a kitchen area that can be used from the interior and also from the exterior. And it includes a cutting board, stove, and sink. It also has an inbuilt storage capacity. It is one of the modern developments in caravanning and comes with facilities such as USB ports, LED lighting, and solar panels.

Earth Traveler

The Earth Traveler is another smart option that has an excellent capability. It has a skeletal body that allows for effective and excellent ventilation. It is also lightweight and comes with add on like UV awnings, off-road elements and kitchen amenities.