How to Keep Cool at Camp

Going camping is a great adventure. It allows you to relax and unwind from the stress of work or home.

However, this can be quite challenging during the summer. This is because there’s no central air conditioning to keep you cool when camping.

The good news is that you don’t need to skip that camping trip due to heat. In this article, we’ll provide you with the most creative ways to stay cool while camping.

Dive in!

Find a Cool Campsite

Your campsite plays a vital role if you intend to keep cool at camp. As such, you need to ensure you pick an area that provides the best options to stay cool.

To do this, pick a campsite that’s under a shade, especially at noon. This way, you’re protected from a direct scourge. However, ensure you stay clear of hazardous trees.

Also, select a campsite that’s close to a water place. This way, you can take cold showers and enjoy the breeze it discharges. However, ensure you go along with kits that protect you from bugs and mosquitoes.

Prioritise Hydration and Loosely Fitted Clothing

Keeping cool while camping requires you to wear appropriate apparel. As such, avoid stuffy or tightly-fitted and thick clothes.

Instead, wear cotton-made clothing, light-coloured clothing that reflects heat, sandals, and wide hats. You can also consider clothes that have inbuilt SPF protection and pulls sweat off your body.

Again, it would be best if you stay hydrated. Although it may be tempting to go with more alcohol, caffeine and soft drinks, they won’t do the trick. As such, take loads of water on your camping trip.

Remember, children are more likely to get dehydrated. So, pay closer attention to their need for water.

Schedule Your Activities Effectively

The type of activities you engage in might also determine how hot you get. As such, pick activities that are less likely to result in more heat.

For instance, spending your time swimming in a lake is sure to ensure you’re less hot. You could also spend time in tourist locations or shops with air-conditioners.

Also, ensure you schedule whatever activities you have planned when the sun isn’t at its peak. For instance, it would be best to complete intensive outdoor activities by morning or late in the evening. You can then execute your water plans when the weather is hot. This way, you reduce the likelihood of heat.

Use a Cool Tent

You need to keep your tent cool if you want to avoid crazy heat while camping. To do this, pick a tent that’s more suitable for the hot weather.

For instance, instead of a black-coloured tent, pick a light coloured one that’ll help reflect heat from you. You might also consider choosing one that’s double-walled, light-weighted, and has a mess inner.

Also, pick a tent that’s properly ventilated. You can also get a portable fan for your tent. You can then hang it to the top of your tent or place it on a table.

By doing all this, you can enjoy a less warm summer camping.

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