Caravanning is a great option when looking to have a fun holiday. At Bestsmallcampers, we offer the best options to ensure your caravanning experience is fantastic. And what better way to do that than in a motorhome. As such, we offer a motorhome for hire at Bestsmallcampers.

A motorhome is a car and a caravan combined. They are suitable for people who are going on long trips or planning to live permanently on the road. It is a compact option that does not require any form of set up.

It also provides a comfy and homely experience. As such, you can always find whatever amenities that you would have seen at home. For instance, air conditioners, television and DVD players, among others. It is merely another home on the road.

It is usually a luxurious RV with components such as showers, toilets, big beds, and other modern features. It is a suitable choice for family travels as it can accommodate as much as six persons.

However, its downside is that it is also a car. As such, it means you will usually have your whole apartment with you everywhere you go.

Our popular offers include

Winnebago Vista 31BE

Winnebago is a popular name in the caravanning sphere having been in the industry since 1958. The Vista 31BE is the most recent model that satisfies every family need.

It comes with bunk beds which accommodate kids and provide ample sleeping space. It also provides a tremendous amount of space in the living room. It has a compact kitchen area and an L-curved counter that allows for quick access to its stove and double sink.

There is also a considerable amount of space in the bathroom and a beautiful design that allows quick access to its master stateroom. It is a top choice.

Thor A.C.E 30.2

This is another famous name in the caravanning sphere with high space capacity and excellent capabilities. It is a compact and great RV that satisfies all the needs of a family.

Although there are a variety of available floorplans, the 30.2 model provides the best family-friendly structure. This is thanks to its broad wall slide and bunk beds. It can accommodate as much as eight individuals.

Jayco Alante 31R

This Jayco is a fantastic bunkhouse model that comes with a dual slide located on both sides of the motorhome. As such, it has a more extensive interior and a walkway that runs through its front part to its rear end.

It also comes with bunk beds which are located on its passenger side. And this might constitute a downside. However, it is generally a great choice, thanks to its excellent amenities and facilities.

Fleetwood Bounder 36H

It is among the largest motorhomes and as such fits perfectly as a family model. It is 37 feet and 7 inches and has triple slides that provide vast space. It has a three-piece bathroom and a great kitchen among other amenities.