Places to Visit in NSW

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It’s no longer news that Australia is a choice beach haven. Even more, it provides among the best incredible tourist destinations there is.

Well, one of the best areas to enjoy this magnificent scenery is on the east coast, precisely New South Wales (NSW). It offers excellent snowfields, renowned wine regions, farm stays, and the earth’s whitest sand beach as declared by The Guinness Book of World Records.

So, in case you decide to go visiting, and you need to explore NSW, here are six of the best areas to visit.


It would be impossible to name the best parts of NSW without mentioning Sydney, NSW’s capital and largest city. It has a refreshing array of beaches which includes Bondi, Cronulla, Manly, Palm Beach, Balmoral, Tamarama, and Maroubra.

It also has various eateries and pubs that provide both local and international delicacies. Even more, it has the quintessential Sydney Opera building and a harbour bridge.

If you’re also interested in a shopping spree, then Sydney is a place to be. It has various weekend markets and luxury boutiques where you can have the best time.

You also get to enjoy its carnival if you visit in January. Still, if you’re a fashion person, then May and its fantastic Fashion week got you covered.

Jervis Bay

One word: Magical. If you are on the south coast of NSW and you’re looking to have a fantastic time, then it’s got to be Jervis Bay.

It provides a full range of fabulous beaches where you can have fun. Although you can’t surf in Jervis Bay, it’s an excellent spot for canoeing, kayaking, fun walks, and whale watching. So, if you’re a lover of aquatic life, try Jervis Bay.

Also, Jervis Bay isn’t as populated as Sydney and other beaches on the north coast. As such, you can avoid tourist gimmicks and loud noises. There are also fewer high rises, so you enjoy better views.

Although it’s a great place to be any time of the year, May and June attract peculiar attention. You get to watch whales in their mating period.


Dubbed the wine country, Mudgee is a place to be, especially if you’re a lover of great wine. It is located in the northwest area of Sydney. As such, you get to go through the Blue Mountains, another great place to be.

It offers a classic country getaway to travellers fantasizing about exploring farmers’ markets and tree-lined lanes that are beautified by colonial buildings. Even more, it allows you to do this while dining in parts of NSW’s most scenic areas.

It’s also an excellent spot for young children thanks to the Wollemi National Park and its Holiday Park.

Blue Mountains

Located at the doorstep of Sydney’s western region, Blue Mountains, is a must-see. It provides scenery that brings your hiking fantasy to reality. There’s the Grand Canyon and Ruined Castle Walk for your exploration.

It also has a web of picturesque tracks that leads through the gum tree forests. Simply, if you want a Christmas experience in July, then you should be here. Then, you get to see the blue-tinged forest come to live with snowdrops and red velvet bows.

You also get to enjoy other excellent treats by visiting the Blue Mountains. They include Wentworth Falls’ fantastic art gallery, Hydro Majestic Hotel, Leura’s high tea, and the panoramic sight of Echo Point’s Three Sisters in Katoomba.

Byron Bay

This is another must-go place thanks to its spectacular scenery. At Byron Bay, you get to see the sunrise and sunset like never before.

It also has excellent beaches like the Tallows, Wategos, Clarkes, and Main Beach. So, if you’re a great fan of surfing, then you should stop by Byron Bay. It offers a blend of adventure and madness.

Apart from surfing, there other wide range of cool places and activities you can engage in. There are National Parks and Arts and Cultural centres. There are also various shopping stores, food stores and health retreats that give you a full experience of the Australian vibe.

In case you’re in doubt, you should know that Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth find Byron Bay refreshing. So, if it’s nice enough for Jason Bourne and Thor, you should be going there.

Snowy Mountains

If you’re a great fan of snowboarding and skiing, then you need to stop by at the Snowy Mountains when you visit NSW. You get access to various towns that offer fantastic ski resorts, among which include the Thredbo ski fields.

There’s also the opportunity to fish and kayak in these various towns. Even more, you get to enjoy the sight of Mount Kosciusko – the highest peak in Australia – when you visit.

In conclusion, although these are great places to be while in NSW, they are by no means the only places. You can also visit other beautiful places like Coffs Harbour, Canberra, Julian Rocks, Wollongong to explore NSW.

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