Regular Caravans

Hiring caravans are a smart way to relish your holiday adventure. At Bestsmallcampers, we provide easy access to a wide range of trailers for hire. Prime among our inventory is also a wide range of regular caravans.

Regular caravans are the most popular caravans. They are the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of trailers. They are usually full-bodied, full-height top and with four sides.

They can be as long as 10 meters and are easy to assemble. It can accommodate as many as six individuals. It usually comes with a washroom, toilet, shower and basin. They also have a kitchen region that is furnished with a hob, work surface, sink, and other accessories.

It is also compatible in any weather. If you’re also new to caravans, regular caravans are a perfect option to have your first try.

However, you should know that caravans are not always compatible with every vehicle. As such, you need to confirm that your car satisfies the minimum compatibility requirement before you make a purchase or hire.

In case you’re not so sure, you can contact us through any of our contact lines. We offer 24/7 support for every one of your needs and questions.

Also, they are not compatible with expansions but come in specified length and size.

Our popular offers include

JB 16192 Caravan

This is a grand caravan that offers impressive space and functionality. It comes with a queen and king single sized bed. It is exceeding comfy and suitable for a large family. It is also sturdy and heavy, weighing as much as 3, 290 kg.

It also has a variety of amenities which include shower, toilet, sink, washing machine and vanity. It has a travel length of around 7.3 meters to 9.5 meters.

New Age Manta Ray

The New Age Manta Ray is another top choice, and it comes in a 16ft and 18ft ensuite. It comes with two axles and can accommodate two people. Although it is not off-road capable, it provides a fantastic option.

It has a queen size for its main bed. It also comes with great bathroom and laundry facilities such as shower, toilet, sink, washing machine and vanity. It has exterior features which include awning, solar panels and external speakers.

It also has other internal features like TV and air conditioning. Kitchen components like a cooktop are also present.

Adria Altea 552PK

The Adria Altea 552PK is another regular caravan up for hire. It is very spacious and possesses a wide range of components that makes it desirable. It has one axle and can accommodate as much as six persons.

It supports off-road functionality and has a king-sized bed. It also comes with three additional beds. It helps bathroom inclusions such as shower, vanity and toilet.

It also supports interior features like TV and air conditioning. External features on the hand include awning and a 240V PowerPoint. Also, kitchen inclusions include cooktop, sink, and microwave.