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Review One

A great Campervan. I have got to say it gave a full homely experience while on the road. A nice big shower, fabulous and comfy beds, an excellent cooking area, and a beautiful exterior. It was also very spacious. I travelled with my friends and we had plenty of space for ourselves. It was everything I could have expected.

I had an amazing three weeks on the road, thanks to the Campervan. I was able to get to wherever I wanted to be easy, on time, and in comfort. I also got easy access to a complete guide on how to operate the Campervan effectively. It also didn’t burn too much fuel.

Hiring was also very easy. It was a stress-free experience to collect and return the camper. Thumbs up to the customer service team for their patience.

All in all, I enjoyed touring with the camper. I would hire again and I recommend Bestsmallcampers to everyone.

Review Two

It was cool interacting with your highly professional team. Total pleasure communicating with Bestsmallcampers. I loved how they were ready to respond to every question and request for clarifications. It was my first experience hiring a caravan, so it means a lot.

Everything else was also just perfect. I was able to check out then check in very quickly without hassle. The van was also top-quality. It was elegant and properly arranged.

It has had a lot of amenities. Beautiful toilet and great kitchen. Although I had some minor issues operating some part, thanks to your excellent customer help, I was able to resolve it in a flash.

Excellent on the road too. It was total bliss driving to and from South Australia. I didn’t have to refuel more times that I otherwise expected. I would be hiring a campervan soon enough, and I will be coming back to Bestsmallcampers.

Review Three

I hired for four weeks and drove over 3000 miles. It was the perfect RV. Did everything I was told it would do.

It was my first experience with Diesel, so I had some form of doubts and fear. Luckily for me, it proved me wrong. I had absolutely no problem touring the east coast.

I think it came quite cheap too because I had access to a king-sized bed. I was even able to add a memory foam on it. It made my whole experience comfy and fresh. It was just as if I was home.

I also enjoyed loads of space. I added a portable fan because I tend to get hot, and I still had enough space to move around. Oh, yes, I loved my toilet and kitchen. Very neat and beautiful.

My friends are going camping this summer and Bestsmallcampers is all that is going to be on my mouth.

Review Four

I have had issues collecting RVs in the past. I am so glad I did not have to experience that with you. It was super easy and very efficient collecting and then returning the vehicle.

Nice bed too. I was very impressed with how comfy and big it was. I practically felt at home and enjoyed a nice rest each time I got on it. My toilet was fresh. My kitchen and kitchen utensils were also neat and beautiful.

Despite all the additional components, I did not have to worry about being cramped or boxed up. It was very spacious. I was able to travel in peace and calm. Fair price, too, very cost-efficient compared to other options.

I could hardly find any issue with the van and your service delivery. Great work. I have you guys in mind when next I decide to go camping. I will be telling others too.

Review Five

This is my first time writing about my experience, although this is my third time hiring. And each time, I have got to say I have had the best experience there is. I thought my first experience was perfect, and then I was wowed my second experience. Now my third experience was even better.

Each time I have hired different campers but still got a premium service and experience. Great and excellent interior too. It made me think I was home. Very clean also. I didn’t get t feel worried about stains and dirt.

I also enjoyed your excellent customer service. It was like they knew everything I needed. Totally impressed with how she handled other customers and me even though she must have been busy. She even remembered me the second time I came calling for another RV.

Nice one guys, I will keep recommending you to family and friends.

Review Six

My family and I left it late getting a Campervan for our trip to Tasmania, and we feared we might be unable to get one within the timeframe. Thankfully, I found you guys.

A fantastic website that made it very easy for me to know what I needed and how to get to it. Speedy responses to my question via phone and email. You guys have fantastic and excellent service delivery too. I love how you attended to me and helped me hire a Campervan.

I was even worried I might not be getting the best van because of how much I was in a rush. I am happy I was wrong as I did not even have a bad experience throughout my trip.

Nice and neat room, kitchen, toilets and interior design. Very spacious too. You guys are now my one-stop-shop for every time I am going camping.

Review Seven

Bestsmallcampers is amazing. You made the organization of my trip very easy and quick. I had the best experience possible. Very efficient and cool pick up and drop off procedure. I practically avoided anything called stress.

Your customer service is even more impressive. They explained everything to me in detail, from my insurance options to the best products. I was able to choose feeling like a pro.

Very competitive prices too. I got value for my money expended. Everything went smoothly throughout the trip. The van was exceedingly comfortable too. Spacious room, clean toilet and a well-arranged kitchen. The bed was also lovely and very foamy. I legit felt I was on my bed at home.

I am sure others would love to enjoy a similar experience. I will be recommending you guys to anyone who needs to go camping or touring.

Review Eight

Three words: Wonderful, Amazing, Fantastic. That’s how best to capture my experience using Bestsmallcampers. I loved the service, the van and the freebies.

Their staffs were super friendly and made things exceptionally easy for me. It was my first time, so I had a lot of questions and confusion to clear up. They paid attention to me and explained everything to my satisfaction. Everything felt perfect.

Your conditions and rates were also very reasonable. I didn’t feel overcharged. I even later felt you undercharged me after seeing just how beautiful the van was. Extremely spacious and packed up with all the necessary amenities I could ever need.

Very comfy too. The bed, kitchen and toilet gave no hint that I wasn’t at home. I would rate Bestsmallcampers 10/10 over and over again.

I am hiring a van from you guys on my next holiday. I am also going to recommend you guys to everyone.