Tent Trailers

If you’re looking to explore Australia via road, RVs are a must use. At Bestsmallcampers, we offer the best RVs for hire at an affordable rate. A popular RV for hire at Bestsmallcampers is the Tent trailer.

It is a trailer that possesses a pull-out tent – usually attached to it. It allows you to store most and all of your accessories inside the van. It is also very light and effortless to pack. As such, it is suitable for small vehicles.

Also, it is very suitable for first-time hirers and short travelling or camping needs. It allows easy manoeuvre and uses, so you’re not overwhelmed on your first try. Our popular offers include

1997 Dutchmen 801 Tent Trailer

The 1997 Dutchmen 801 tent trailer is designed by Dutchmen and offers a brilliant trailer for your camping needs. It provides a spacious area that can accommodate as much as six individuals. It has a width of 6’8” and a length of 17’.

It is also quite light as it weighs around 1190 lbs. As such, it is easily attachable to a tow vehicle. Even more, it is less likely to burn fuel.

It also comes with a wide range of facilities as its eternal capacity supports awning.

Coleman Sun Valley Tent Trailer

The Coleman Sun Valley Tent Trailer is another popular tent trailer that we offer. It Is a light weighted trailer – around 995 lbs – that offers excellent functionality. It has a vast space that can accommodate as many as six persons.

Although it has no slides, it is still a fantastic trailer that offers various perks including two king-sized beds on both ends, interior and external stoves, front storage area, and a fold-down.

Air Opus 4-Sleeper Trailer

The Air Opus is one of the most comfortable trailers to set up (90 seconds) and represents one of the new trailers offers. It uses an air pole tech to complete its entire set up.

It is also relatively light and supports off-road functionality. It is a chassis that comes off as perfect for all forms of terrain. It also comes with additional facilities like a kitchen area. It also has excellent storage compartments.

Turtleback Adventure Trailer

The Turtleback Adventure is a small and lightweight tent trailer (1, 300 lbs) that is suitable for camping needs, even in harsh conditions. It also supports off-road capabilities.

Also, thanks to its weight, it is easily towable and primed to conserve fuel consumption. It is also a family suitable tent trailer and can accommodate more than two people. It also has a nice cushion that provides comfort.

It is a smart option that comes with an electric brake, sunroom and is made of a steel frame. It also provides a large storage space reaching as much as 5o cubic feet.

It is very spacious, providing a living space reaching as much as 200 square feet. It also comes with other facilities such as a kitchen area which also has a stove.